54th TOPIK Countdown: 112 Days Left

So today I'm going to reflect on why I haven't been making as much progress on the TOPIK as I would like

  • After work (where I have to speak English, since I teach English), I haven't been going into "All Korean All The Time" mode. 

  • I keep speaking English to my friends, my phone is in English (because a time tracking app of mine doesn't work if the phone is set in Korean)

  • My Facebook is in English, and most of my friends' posts are in English

  • When I browse sites on the internet (aka wasting time in the black hole of the internet), those pages are almost always in English

  • (Now that I'm writing all of this out, it's amazing to me that I waste so much time!)

  • I've been watching a lot of Conan O' Brien videos on YouTube. I absolutely love the guy, but all his videos are in English.

  • I have been watching a lot of Overwatch gameplay videos. These are a complete waste of time. I should just stop this altogether.

  • I'm not practicing speaking Korean at a high level.

  • I'm not reading any higher level Korean material. (Well, I'm sort of remedying that right now by studying and making Korean flashcards)

  • Would Spaced repetition help? I think the Glossika Korean course would be helpful

  • I need to have Korean audio/media in the background. It needs to be something with both English and Korean subtitles