54th TOPIK Countdown: 113 Days Left

Hmm, so the Anki flaschard progress isn't going exactly as planned.

It takes quite a lot of steps to make Anki flashcards.

And it is a bit uncomfortable to do on a small laptop.

I know that's a pretty lame excuse.

But there's just something about having tons of screen real estate that making working on a computer so much more enjoyable.

Also, typing and using a mouse is pretty nice too.

The whole desktop experience is just more conducive to productivity, in my opinion. Or is it just that I simply haven't gotten used to working on a laptop?

That's possible.

I guess if I get used to writing on a laptop, I'll get better, faster, and more effective.

Who knows, maybe I'll even prefer it to working on a desktop, but I don't think that's going to happen.

Anway, the idea was to study 90 cards on Anki a day, not just type them onto spreadsheets.

If I'm just going to be typing them on spreadsheets, I should make a higher goal, maybe 180. 

Since I'm just typing the words in Korea, and not the English meaning, Hanja, or any other notes, I should be typing more.

Okay, let's go crank out some more vocabulary!