54th TOPIK Countdown: 115 Days Left

So there are 115 days left until the 54th TOPIK. The test will be on Sunday, October 22, 2017 here in Korea.

I've always wanted to get the level 5.

I feel like getting to level 4 was not that hard at all.

Just with talking with friends, listening to audio from Talk To Me in Korean, and just leisurely studying, I was able to reach a level 4.

But I haven't studied in a while, and I can definitely tell that there are gaping holes in my Korean knowledge.

I don't know a lot of Korean vocabulary words, especially when my Korean elementary school students speak, when my close friends speak, and when I listen to the news.

Obviously I need to study more.

So my current plan is to at least learn 8000 Korean words using the book "Essential Korean Vocabulary" and Anki.

I've been distracted, especially with hanging out with friends and playing Overwatch!

Let's keep going!

Oh, and I guess that this is my first post about my TOPIK 5 language challenge! Hooray!