How I'm Preparing for the 54th TOPIK in October 2017

So the 54th TOPIK is on October 21-22, 2017. 

I've taken the TOPIK 2 times before, and I actually don't really need to take it

Why am I taking the TOPIK?

It's more for my own personal goal

When I have something to study for, I have more motivation

When I don't have a deadline, I don't really feel any need to study

The highest I got was a TOPIK 4

I was so close to getting a TOPIK 5

My lowest score was my writing

But in general the difficult stuff is just remembering vocabulary

Is the TOPIK actually useful in real life?

That's a different topic altogether

So how am I going to study for the TOPIK?

Basically, like how Koreans study for tests

Simply study for the test!

Memorize lots of vocabulary with Anki

I simply don't know enough vocabuarly words

I also don't really practice that much speaking, except with some close friends, but they speak English as well

Review the TOPIK exams

Take mock exams

Practice with the previous versions of the test