Daily Language Study Practice 2019/01/01

Today is the first day of the year. 2019. I can't believe it.

So I figured, what the heck, I have to get started. I just need to get the ball rolling and figure it out as I go.

Making this language learning website has been this thing that I've been saying that I've been wanting to do for so long, but it seems like there are always so many things that get in the way.

Life happens.

Well, here's to a rocky start of 2019, but it is a start.

Glossika Practice

Originally, I planned to do a 2 week test to see how many reps there would be for 6, 7, 8, and 9 sentences of studying for Glossika.

I have decided to focus most of my effort to Korean for and just keep building up the other languages slowly.

Glossika Progress New Sentences a dayReps Completed (Before Studying)Reps To Do TodayReps Completed (After Studying)% Goal (Goal = 100,000 Reps)Study Time (Minutes)
Korean 30385563044854.49%69
Japanese 9318411532993.30%12
Spanish (Mexican) 10232512524502.45%12
Portuguese (European) 82581053630.36%11
Tagalog 69705810281.03%6
French 73556910.09%4
Chinese (Mandarin: Taiwan) 5025250.03%4
      Study Time (Hours)Study Time (Minutes)

Michel Thomas Practice

I did not get a chance to study any Michel Thomas audios at all. I think I do them the best when I have a lot of free time, like on the weekend.

I think if I schedule the Michel Thomas audios on the weekend, then that will be fine.

Michel Thomas (Actually Did: After)Actually Did (Audio)# of TracksActually Did (Tracks)Total Audio Time (Minutes)  Study Time (Minutes)
SpanishFoundation 6111-11 59 0
FrenchFoundation 5111-11 56 0
Chinese (Mandarin)Advanced 391-12 72 0

Remembering the Kanji 1 Practice

Kanji, oh Kanji. I believe my first attempt to learn Kanji was in 2015, and I managed to cram about 1200 out of the 2200 Kanji in a month. 

Well, life happened again and I didn't keep it up.

After failing to keep the ball rolling so many times, I have finally decided to just keep the ball rolling at all times, even if it means doing a tiny, tiny bit a day.

Remembering the Kanji ProgressLesson ## of KanjiTotal # KanjiLesson %Total %
 Lesson 115150.68%0.68%
 Lesson 219340.86%1.55%
 Lesson 320540.91%2.45%
 Lesson 420740.91%3.36%
 Lesson 524981.09%4.45%
 Lesson 6111090.50%4.95%
 Lesson 7241331.09%6.05%
 Lesson 8511842.32%8.36%
 Lesson 9222061.00%9.36%
 Lesson 10432491.95%11.32%
 Lesson 11152640.68%12.00%
Finished Up to:Lesson 12302941.36%13.36%
Next Day:Lesson 13263201.18%14.55%
 Lesson 14253451.14%15.68%
 Lesson 15313761.41%17.09%
 Lesson 16193950.86%17.95%
 Lesson 17274221.23%19.18%
 Lesson 18925144.18%23.36%
 Lesson 19335471.50%24.86%
 Lesson 2065530.27%25.14%
 Lesson 21666193.00%28.14%
 Lesson 22676863.05%31.18%
 Lesson 231428286.45%37.64%
 Lesson 24308581.36%39.00%
 Lesson 25999574.50%43.50%
 Lesson 266510222.95%46.45%
 Lesson 278111033.68%50.14%
 Lesson 282011230.91%51.05%
 Lesson 294311661.95%53.00%
 Lesson 303912051.77%54.77%
 Lesson 316212672.82%57.59%
 Lesson 323713041.68%59.27%
 Lesson 333213361.45%60.73%
 Lesson 345313892.41%63.14%
 Lesson 354114301.86%65.00%
 Lesson 366614963.00%68.00%
 Lesson 373715331.68%69.68%
 Lesson 386215952.82%72.50%
 Lesson 395516502.50%75.00%
 Lesson 406017102.73%77.73%
 Lesson 413217421.45%79.18%
 Lesson 423417761.55%80.73%
 Lesson 433618121.64%82.36%
 Lesson 443318451.50%83.86%
 Lesson 454818932.18%86.05%
 Lesson 462019130.91%86.95%
 Lesson 473219451.45%88.41%
 Lesson 482419691.09%89.50%
 Lesson 492719961.23%90.73%
 Lesson 502820241.27%92.00%
 Lesson 512820521.27%93.27%
 Lesson 522420761.09%94.36%
 Lesson 535521312.50%96.86%
 Lesson 543021611.36%98.23%
 Lesson 552021810.91%99.14%
 Lesson 561922000.86%100.00%