Remembering the Kanji: My Journey With Heisig's Books

I really hope James Heisig's 'Remembering The Kanji" series can help me learn the Kanji.


It's been a dream of mine for so long. Ever since I started watching anime back in middle school around 2001, I wanted to learn Japanese and Japanese Kanji.

I watched so much anime back then. It was what all of my friends were doing. We would download so much anime. This was all before high speed internet came out. 

The cool kids, we left our computers on for days, weeks (!) in order to finish download an anime. Ah, the good old days with slow internet.

Anyway, I digress. There is just something beautiful about the Kanji.

Although I've been living in South Korea since around 2010 and can speak Korean, a language that used to be written exclusively in Chinese characters (Hanja in Korean), and although I've traveled all around Asia and spent quite a bit of time in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore, I still haven't learned how to fully understand Chinese Characters. 

I first tried to learn the Kanji during a long winter holiday from work.

I had a long vacation, and I decided to spend it cramming Kanji instead of traveling. 

The Beginnings: Why I Want To Learn Kanji
My First Serious Attempt: Winter 2016
My Second Attempt, A Much Wiser Judd: 2017