Remembering The Kanji: 1203/2200 - 2017/6/29

Okay, we're on a little bit of a roll now. The thing about learning Kanji is that it's the learning isn't difficult. It's the "not-forgetting-the-Kanji" that's difficult!

At 10 new Kanji a day, that might seem like an absolutely glacial pace.

But in the span of 1 year, thats 3650 Kanji! Assuming that you stick to the schedule of course.

The hard part is sticking to the schedule.

Life doesn't go as planned.

And these days, I've been trying to make flashcards for Korean vocabulary in preparation for the TOPIK.

It feels like my first years in Korea again. At that time I made flashcards too.

But now that I'm more used to Anki and how it works, and how to study with Anki, I'm confident I can do things more quickly and effectively.

Anyway, the Kanji study is going well, I just have to make sure not to get impatient. 10 Kanji may seem like nothing, but if I had stuck to my 10 Kanji a day pace when I started last year, AND if I had stuck to the "slow and steady wins the race" pace, I woul have been done learning the Kanji already.

I simply got impatient with myself.