Remembering The Kanji Study Progress 2017/7/22: 1228 out of 2200 Kanji

I've been experimenting with a new setup to study the Kanji.

Here are the tools I'm currently using:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition

This Android tablet has a stylus so it's perfect for practicing writing Kanji

2. Samsung S Note App

I don't know if Samsung is updating this app, but it's useful to practice writing and the writing lag / latency is pretty good.

I changed the background to a dark piece of paper and the brush is white color ink. 

Why? It hurts my eyes if I look at bright screens too much.

3. Anki deck with Remembering the Kanji Flashcards

Along with the Samsung S Note app, I also changed the Anki screen setting to 'Night Mode' so the entire screen is dark and doesn't hurt my eyes.

4. James W. Heising's Remembering the Kanji Textbooks

5. DU Recorder App to record my practice.