Remembering the Kanji: My Second Attempt

I tried learning the Kanji for the first time back in 2016, and I ended up stopping.

Now I'm on to my second attempt. 

So what am I doing differently this time?

Slower pacing

Slow and steady wins the race

I'm setting my daily goal as much lower than before

Heisig himself says that it's possible to learn 25 to 50 new words in a day, but I think that's too much.

When you study with Anki, you have to keep reviewing.

25 words equals 50 new cards

50 new words equals 100 new flashcards a day

During the first couple days, it's possible to maintain this fast pace, but as time goes on, the reviews keep piling up and it becomes much more difficult to keep up

I've been experimenting with different paces

5 new words a day is a very leisurely and easy pace

5 new words a day equals 10 new cards a day

and from my experience, at that kind of pace, I'm only studying Kanji about 30 minutes a day

Like I said, it's a very comfortable and leisurely pace

However, I think 10 new cards a day is a nice pace for me

5 new words a day / 10 new cards a day: very easy, leisurely pace. 30 minutes a day

10 new words a day / 20 new cards a day: manageable pace, about 1 hour - 2 hours a day

25 new words a day / 50 new cards a day: hard to maintain while working full time, about 2-4 hours a day